It all started with a utility wagon

WonderFold Outdoor. A wagon to take to the beach, the mountains or anywhere you want and carry anything you want. However, we came across parents using the wagons to carry their kids on all their excursions even though our utility wagons weren’t designed to hold children. And honestly, we get it. We wanted to prioritize the safety of children while still providing that convenience of a wagon. That’s when the concept evolved into the WonderFold Wagons we see today!

Customer Feedback is our Priority

WonderFolds priorities have always been our customers and our brand’s evolution has been reflective of that. The adjustable handlebars, 5-point safety harnesses, a canopy for those sunny days - all have been added to make parents’ lives easier and kids’ lives a little more comfortable.

Company Growth

Over the years, WonderFold have been blessed to grow as a company. And the products has grown with it, each one better than the last. WonderFold have always focused on customer satisfaction and the capability to learn and grow. Today, WonderFold continue to sell wagons, along with the products from our subsidiaries - WonderSip, Padie and WonderFloral.

WonderFold Cares

And let us not forget WonderFold Cares! WonderFold has had the privilege of donating to numerous wagons to nonprofits, organisations and even families in need. Since that fateful day we developed Wonderfold, it’s been one crazy ride (get it?). And this is just the beginning!


This is Great if you have a busy day or multiple kids you need to tag along. The Wonderfold includes all the space you could ever need. Take it to the beach, an amusement park or just around town!


They've thought of every possible compartment and perk, and it folds up like butter. (I've got the standard model), but for the A-lister in your life. you'll want to splurge on the luxe


Wonderfold's brilliant all-terrain collapsable wagon is made for families on-the-move. Their innovative wagons are designed to grow with your family, hauling your most precious cargo - and then some.