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Can i put my infant car seat in the WonderFold Stroller Wagon?

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend using a car seat with our product as they haven’t been safety tested to be used with our wagon.

Are there any waterproof chemicals on the wagons?

No waterproof chemicals are added.

Are your strollers flame retardant?

No, they are not.

Are your strollers PVC and PFA free?


Are your wagons BPA and phthalate free?


Do your wagons contain any trace of heavy metals?


What is the material used on the mesh on the carriage fabric and the frame of the wagon itself?

It is made up of steel metal and PA/PP Plastic. The mesh is made out of polyester.

Are the wagons safe for sleep/overnight sleep?

All of our Stroller Wagons are ASTM F833-19 certified and pass the same certifications that strollers do.

Is the Shade Net UPF rated?

Our Shade net does not provide UV protection, however our canopy fabric offers UV 50+ protection.

How much weight can the W4 Luxe Handlebar Hold?

It can hold up to 22.6 Kgs.

How much weight can the snack tray hold?

The snack tray can hold up to 11.3 Kgs.


Are your stroller wagons stroller certified?

Yes! All of our stroller wagons pass ASTM certification. AKA, pass the same safety tests that strollers do!

What is the weight limit for each model?

W4: 136 Kgs total and 44 Kgs per bench

W2: 91 Kgs total and 22 Kgs per bench

X4: 81 Kgs

X2: 65 Kgs


What is your warranty policy?

All WonderFold Wagons come with a one year manufacturer warranty. When you purchase a new, unused WonderFold product, you are entitled to receive a product free from any manufacturing defects.

How do I submit a warranty claim?

When you purchase a new, unused WonderFold product, you are entitled to receive a product free from any manufacturing defects for 30 days from the date the product is purchased.

What happens if my product breaks and I am out of warranty?

Please reach out to our customer care team and they can assist in determining what is wrong with your product. From there they will provide pricing for the part(s) necessary to fix your product.


How do I know which accessories are compatible with my stroller wagon?

On each accessory page, you will see variant options for the specific models. Make sure you select the model you own or it may not fit.


How do I return my order?

We strive to make our 30-day return policy as simple and easy as possible! Customers are able to return our products within 30 days of purchase for any reason if the item is in new condition with all of the original packing materials. Restocking Fees may apply. Please review our full return policy for clarification.

What is your return policy?

For more information on our return policy, please check our footer below.


How can I talk to a customer care representative?

For simple inquiries, like product questions, you can message us on Facebook. For all questions and concerns, we can be reached by phone, text, email and chat. Head over to our customer care page to contact us.

Can I use multiple payment methods for my purchase?

Unfortunately the system does not allow for multiple payment methods.


How do I clean my stroller wagon?

Frame: Clean with a soft towel, lukewarm water and mild cleaning solution. Be sure to wipe off any remaining water with a dry cloth.

Wheels: Clean stroller wagon wheels regularly with water and remove any dirt. Be sure to wipe off any remaining water with a dry cloth.

Fabric: Spot clean with mild soap and warm water solution and air dry.

Estrellas Programme

How do I apply for your rewards program?

Apply to be a member of our Estrellas Programme by submitting the form in our community link. Please allow up to two weeks for our team to review and respond. Thank you!

Hero's Discount

How do I apply for your rewards program?

WonderFold is proud to offer an exclusive 15% discount on select purchases to military, veterans, first responders, medical workers, and teachers. To apply for a discount, please use the link in our community tab.