Terms & Conditions for Influencers and Brand Ambassadors

Last Revised April 10th 2023

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If you do not agree with any of our agreements you must cease pursuing this agreement immediately. 


THIS INFLUENCER AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) is entered into by and between YOURSELF, (“Influencer,” “You,” “Your”), and WONDERFOLD ES (“Brand”) having and shall take effect on the date you sing in to the agreement. The parties are hereinafter sometimes referred to individually as a “Party” and collectively as the “Parties.” 


Brand desires to collaborate with Influencer for the Brand’s Marketing. 


The Brand would like the Influencer’s assistance in promoting for the limited purpose certain brands and brand content.

Specific details and requirements of the promotion are outlined and
accepted by Parties in the Exclusive Agreement. The Company hereby appoints the Influencer as its representative on a non-exclusive, non-employee basis to endorse and promote its services to the target audience.


1. The Influencer agrees to tag and promote in every post with a WonderFold Product.

2. You will be expected to promote and to offer the brand more exposure and followers.

3. The Company has a maximum of 10 days to reject any deliverable in accordance with this Section and must notify the Influencer within 7 days of receipt of work that additional revisions and/or amendments will be requested.

4. You agree that all posts will be factually correct and be within company guidelines, any pricing, information must respond correctly to informration given by

5. Any promotions, discounts or incentive you offer your followers, must be agreed by


Either party may terminate this agreement upon ten days prior written notice if the other party breaches this agreement and does not cure such breach within such time period. In addition to any right or remedy that may be available to the Company under this agreement or applicable law, In addition, in the event that the Influencer has breached this agreement, the Company may:

i. immediately suspend, limit or terminate the Influencer’s access to
any Company account

Either party may terminate this agreement at any time without cause upon thirty days prior written notice to the other party.


​The Influencer understands that all promotions and products they promote as part of this agreement are controlled by the Company. The Influencer assumes all responsibility for verifying that the campaign materials used meet the Company’s approval.


​The Influencer agrees that he/she will not use, disclose, communicate,
copy or permit the use or disclosure of any confidential information provided by Company to any third party in any manner whatsoever except to the existing employees of the Company. Upon termination of this Agreement or upon the request of the Company, the Influencer will return to the Company all of the confidential information, and all copies or reproductions thereof, which are in Influencer's possession or control. The Influencer agrees that during the tenure of this contract, and for a three-month term afterward, the Influencer will not undertake influencer marketing for a competitor in the same vertical as the Company.


​In full consideration of the Influencer’s performance, his / her obligations and the rights granted herein, the Influencer shall receive Company product’s as specified in the exclusive Agreement. The Influencer will perform the services at his/her own expense and use his/her own resources and equipment. The Influencer acknowledges that the agreed upon compensation represents the Influencer’s entire compensation with respect to this agreement and the Company shall have no other obligation for any other compensation to or expenses or costs incurred by the Influencer in connection with the performance of its obligations under this agreement.


​The Influencer is retained as an independent contractor of the Company. The Influencer acknowledges and agrees that:

 i. The Influencer is solely responsible for the manner and form by which the Influencer performs under this Agreement.

The Influencer is responsible for the withholding and payment of all taxes and other assessments arising out of the Influencer's performance of services, and neither the Influencer nor any of the Influencer's employees or independent clients shall be entitled to participate in any employee benefit plans of the Company.


​This Agreement shall be construed and enforced pursuant to the laws and decisions of the EU.